The "jazz à la boulangerie vol. l" poster was realized for the promotion of the first event part of a jazz concerts serie in a french boulangerie of Lisbon. The project is the result of a collaboration with the German jazz pianist Philipp Seliger who came up with the initial concerts concept. The graphic design work is inspired of the "Swiss Graphic Design Vanguard Style" that originated in the mid 20th century: minimalistic, asymmetrical and using sans serifs typefaces as well as the typographic grid.
The selected typeface is the emblematic Paul Renner's futura in heavy and bold combination. Each concert will bear its own poster, only texts and colors will change in order to create a strong visual identity for the whole serie. Serigraphy was used to print all numbered and signed (by the artists) posters. They were eventually made available at the event and sold out. Feel free to contact me directly for reprints.

420x594mm | 200gr watercolor paper | 3 colors screen printing | 13 numbered and signed prints