keep in_ / [a study]

Leonor Fonseca's "keep in_ / [a study]" is a portraits photography book that sheds light on one of the artist major project: keep in_ (pronounced "keep in line") portraying "characters stripped down of all adornments". The work is composed of two different parts: [a study], which is the work that lead to "keep in_", and "keep in_" as the final result. The publication can be read either normaly or upside down as both parts are inverted and finish in the middle of the book. Except for this little fantasy, the work bears a fairly epurated design in order to put the emphasis on the main subject: photography. Different papers (170gr couché and 100gr ivory) were chosen in order to reflect the process behind the photographer work (study vs. final work). The books were eventually made available at the exhibition vernissage. Studio shots courtesy of Leonor Fonseca.

165x240mm / 170gr Couché Creator and 100gr Coral book Ivory / 106 pages within 6 stitched and glued booklets
33 numbered and signed copies